Sorry I don’t have a ton of time to write a major post this week. I thought instead I’d post this video of myself speaking at the author’s series at the very cool Google headquarters in NYC earlier this month. I.D. Project Member Antonella Pavese (soon to depart for a grueling month working as a field organizer for the Obama Campaign in Pennsylvania, and promising to blog about the experience after the election), was kind enough to invite me and host the event. I thought it was one of my more incoherent days, but maybe it’ll be fun to watch if you need to kill some time and don’t feel like meditation or asana practice (which I would more highly recommend than watching this). Click Below to watch it.

Also, we had an amazing activism meeting yesterday. It looks like we are moving full speed ahead to mobilize for either a tax or a ban on plastic bags in New York (and Portland, where the work is much farther along). Want to join our great activism team? email

Hope to see you NYC folks at class tonight. We’re talking about mindfulness and…wait for it…sex!

Peace to the cyber-fam.

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