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This past Thursday I went to see the Broadway revival of Sunday in the Park with George. Sadly it closed this weekend, but if you ever get the chance to see a production, you should seize the opportunity. It really […]

Fun weekend. A little birthday party (guess my age), a little rearranging of my apartment, and a lot of mindful dancing that shook the building to its centuries-old foundations. The activism meeting today was great, and the Back To the […]

Leah Ingram has a great post up on her blog today discussing the merits of biodegradable trash bags. Do they work? Are they worth it? A quick check of tells me they cost around 50 cents a bag, compared […]

…show up to the ID Project’s Integral Activism meeting on Sunday June 29 at the Lila center! Our current project is to reduce and, eventually, ban plastic bag usage in New York City. It’s ambitious and complex, and we need […]

Speaking of self anger. I had a very profound moment last week. The fact of whether or not it was justified is irrelevant; it was there. And it totally, and I mean TOTALLY sucked. Based on this I would recommend […]

Hey all, so we had a great and groovy day-long meditation retreat at the I.D. Project with almost 40 brave and intrepid souls on Saturday. If anyone has nothing to do July 11-18, and wants to come with me to […]

# 1 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is an extraordinarily goofy 1978 satire of cheesy horror movies — yet in itself it is an incredibly cheesy horror movie. And the tomatoes are not scary. At all. # 2 As discussed […]

Here’s one reason: Daniel Goldman, author of Emotional Intelligence, giving a TED talk about compassion. He says: “Why don’t we [help others]? I think this speaks to a spectrum that goes from complete self-absorption to noticing, to empathy, and to […]

If you find yourself strangely sad, with inexplicable urges to overeat and overspend, it might be the fear of death that’s getting you down. According to a study publicized a few weeks ago in the New Scientist, “research demonstrates that […]

Stillman Brown only has time for a short post today. Hi all, follow the link for some wonderful photographs of New York as far back as 1885. I’ve always been captivated by the look and concept of New York as […]