Leah Ingram has a great post up on her blog today discussing the merits of biodegradable trash bags. Do they work? Are they worth it? A quick check of Amazon.com tells me they cost around 50 cents a bag, compared with about 13 cents a bag or less for traditional Glad bags — and a quick check of my inner cheapskate tells me paying any amount of money for trash bags is ridiculous. My roommate and I have been re-using plastic shopping bags for our kitchen trash, and it seems to work just fine. We have to take them out every other day or so because they’re so much smaller, but that just encourages us to make less garbage — and it keeps the kitchen from getting smelly. And it seems like a nice rationale for my laziness — whenever I forget my reusable shopping bag, I can tell myself that at least I’ll be using the plastic bags for trash. Is that so wrong? Will my plastic trash bags still end up in the ocean? Perhaps on Sunday we can get an expert to weigh in. But what do you guys think?

And here’s another blog post from Tiny Choices about using biodegradable bags. Anyone else have any experience with them?
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