Fun weekend. A little birthday party (guess my age), a little rearranging of my apartment, and a lot of mindful dancing that shook the building to its centuries-old foundations.

The activism meeting today was great, and the Back To the Sack Initiative is full steam ahead. Everyone should get involved with the project. We are seriously making moves. Let’s not talk about what’s wrong with the world y’all. I do that too often. You do that too often. Spiritual people do that way too often. There were 17 or 18 people at today’s meeting. Next month’s meeting should have at least 50 (Sunday July 27 @ high noon), what with all the griping we all do about our ecological problems.

This post won’t be majorly substantive in any spiritual or political way, but if you need a little fix, check out this inspiring blog about all the great sustainability initiatives going on around the world. My favorite is the “organoponico,” the Cuban urban garden and market phenomenom which is revolutionizing Havana and vastly altering Cuba’s food and sustainability landscape for the better. We need to get more organoponicos rolling in this One City. Anyone know of anything like this going on stateside? I heard Detroit has a lot of urban gardens.

So anyway, back to the non-substantive. On Friday evening, fellow blogger Eva and I finished our neighborhood petitioning and are hoping to actually serve on the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee come fall (graft, anyone?). To celebrate our successful participation in democracy, we rolled over to Mighty Diamond, a Williamsburg vegetarian Jamaican style joint. In the kitchen, the I.D. Project’s own multimedia czar Patrick Groneman can be found cooking – as well as serving up – some Jerk Tofu and Seitan curried “goat” to perfection. Now that’s right livelihood, Pat.

Eva and I talked tattoos and sipped Tecates. Eva has some good tattoos, fyi. In celebration of my birthday, I’m about to get another one, my second piece. I have two ideas floating in my head, but I thought the IDP/One City community could help me choose the next inky image implanted under the skin, only to be slowly eroded by impermanence. Eva didn’t love my main tattoo idea, btw. That made me nervous, combined with the fact that I have the most open-minded mother on Earth and she hated that I got a tattoo in the first place, even though the subject matter was quite near and dear to her heart.

Here is my existing tattoo, on my left arm. Extra points to anyone who can tell me what it is and what it represents (GZA, Ellen Scordato and others with insider knowledge are excluded from commenting on this mystery symbol).

Put on yer thinking caps and tell me what the theme of my next tat should be. I’ll share my two ideas once about 7 or 8 comments and ideas are down below.

As alway, an honor blogging with you all.



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