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Here’s your daily lesson in U.S. history: On June 19th, 1865, Union soldiers in Galveston, Texas declared an end to the Civil War and read aloud a general order freeing the quarter-million slaves residing in the state. “Juneteenth” has come […]

I have a new crush (giggle). It’s always so exciting, at the beginning, when the other person can do no wrong. When everything they say is music to your ears. Sigh. Cue violins and chirping birds. Okay, maybe I’m not […]

Ethan’s find last week was better, but this is still pretty funny:

Hey guys, since my last post on politics, identity, and identity politics stirred the pot a bit, I thought I’d stay in a similar vein. A few disclaimers: there is no Sex and the City, no Super Mario Bros., and […]

Hi all, I had to share this…my boy Dharma Mittra was on Regis and Kelly for a pose-off. Strange world we live in….but…go Dharma.

The paperback edition of Mingyur Rinpoche’s The Joy of Living (Three Rivers Press, just released) is about to hit the NY Times bestseller list at #12, and everyone at my office is super excited (and conditionally happy). What better book […]

Stillman Brown is a Senior Fellow at the Ida May Gurkis Institute for Idleness. He has not published since 1983. For graduation last year I was given Tom Hodgkinson’s How to Be Idle, a somewhat-revolutionary, pseudo-intellectual, rather-Marxist treatise on idling, […]

Hey all, it’s your resident eco-friendly Lesbro here. Had to post this today because it is AWESOME: How are everyone’s preparations for July’s Low-Impact Consumption Month going? We are challenging you not to accept a single plastic bag from a […]

cassmaster P says: I have never liked playing Scrabble. Recently, someone I care about asked, “But why do you hate it so much? You should like it, you’re a writer.” And I couldn’t articulate exactly what it is about the […]

Stillman here. In case you haven’t already seen it (and I assume many of you have), the New York Times had a wonderful story about gardener and Buddhist practitioner Wendy Johnson a while back. A bit: It is a cliché […]