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I was all set to write a post about racism and sexism, but it would’ve been about the 08 race and I figure we’ve had enough of that recently. Instead I decided to post two must-see videos that came to […]

Interdependent art? Without plastic bags, we wouldn’t have this! SVA (School of Visual Arts) student Joshua Allen Harris makes these around the new york city streets (btw, for out-of-towners–that’s a subway grate, and air gusts out of it when trains […]

Three great non-dharma-related blogs scored book contracts this month: Stuff White People Like struck a deal with Random House, Bent Objects with Running Press, and, my personal favorite, Not Eating Out in New York, signed up with Gotham Books. I […]

A friend of mine has a friend who recently saw a play, “The Buddha – In His Own Words” and recommended it to me. When pressed about it he said, simply, “it’s supposed to be good.” It’s not much of […]

I’m sorry… I simply could not resist. Love, Cassmaster

By Stillman Brown Regular readers know I’ve been swept up in the cacophony of chatter surrounding the race for the Democratic presidential nominee. Some of my commentary, I feel, has been worth reading, mostly for it’s entertainment value. Some, not […]

First of all, do hypocrisy and irony get any bigger and bolder than Eliot Spitzer? That is my first question. I mean, come on. I already said this to Will.I.Am but….Cognitive dissonance much? No. Seriously. Come on. WTF. As the […]

By Stillman Brown A few weeks ago, my roommate Becca and I were eating Chinese and watching Scrubs reruns on Comedy Central when a small, fast-moving gray object streaked out from under the futon and disappeared into a small ring […]

This is a succinct and thoughtful essay about the Spitzer debacle by Martha Nussbaum of the University of Chicago Law School. (University of Chicago Philosopher MARTHA NUSSBAUM on the Spitzer Resignation, from the Atlanta Journal Constitution…) Trading on America’s puritanical […]

During the IDP Day of Activism in February, Melanie Einzig and I partnered up to canvas local shopkeepers about their use of plastic bags and willingness to consider alternatives. As we walked around the neighborhood, she told me about a […]