Three great non-dharma-related blogs scored book contracts this month: Stuff White People Like struck a deal with Random House, Bent Objects with Running Press, and, my personal favorite, Not Eating Out in New York, signed up with Gotham Books. I like the “consuming less, eating more” tagline of this last blog, and the idea that this will be a cookbook designed with tiny Brooklyn kitchens in mind. (Check out the Obama Rolls: tasty, if politically incorrect!) So, three cheers for all these writers.

Dharma Bloggers: you have your work cut out for you. It’s time a Buddhist blog-based book deal was struck, and I want to see drafts of book proposals from each of you by this time next week. I’m not kidding. Please submit all proposals electronically to the Emma Sweeney Agency, attn: Eva Talmadge.
To help with the writing, here’s a great web resource: Backspace. They have a nice long excerpt up from thriller writer David Morrell, which won’t help any of you in scoring your blogs-to-riches deals, but may help the fiction writers among us re-examine what we think we’re doing, exactly, and above all why. And then get back to writing blogs.

Finally, if you’re ever bored in blog-land and looking to surf the Dharma web, here’s a nice set of links: the 2008 Blogisattva Awards, featuring some of the best Buddhist bloggings (aside from this page, of course) to be found anywhere.
Now get to work.
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