I was all set to write a post about racism and sexism, but it would’ve been about the 08 race and I figure we’ve had enough of that recently. Instead I decided to post two must-see videos that came to my attention this week. They are incredibly different but each worthy of comment. I have a lot to say about each but I figured I’d just introduce each in order and hope that we get some comments going on them, and then I would write some of my thoughts in response to your comments. So please do watch one or both and leave a comment, even if it’s only two words, or one of those ultra annoying blog abbreviations (LOL does not apply to either of these videos, believe me!).

If you are in NYC, you need to come to Roshi O’Hara’s guest lecture tonight, “Zen and the Art of Activism.”
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The first video is a lecture given at a TED science conference by neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor about suffering a stroke and coming into contact with non-conceptual mind. It’s pretty amazing. Very amazing.

Okay, did you watch it?
Now, switching gears completely, here is the scary video of NYPD scuffling with Tibetan protesters near the UN a few weeks ago. I have thoughts of my own on protesting in NYC, the draconian parade laws, and basic human decency and suffering, but let me know how it strikes you. This one is embedded from youtube.

Okay, let me know how they strike you….
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