One City
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The news in Tibet: BBC, Reuters. Tricycle has some coverage, too. I’m reading the new Philip Roth novel right now, Exit Ghost, and am back into Nathan Zuckerman mode: not wanting to know anything about the outside world at all, […]

Good morning everyone. I am sorry that I have been so AWOL from the blogosphere…. circumstances in my life have been cRaZy as of late. So this morning, I just want to pass along a link to an interview between […]

The class structure is very clearly stapled to the bulletin board, laminated in the school colors, orange and blue. “Tune In! Warm Up! Learn and Try! Relaxation!” They know their sun salutation, are getting the poses down. They know what […]

A riff on “the suffering of cappucino” described in One City. A riff on greed, on anger, on consumer frustration. And how every little thing is on the path. Damn it. On Thursday night, I attended the PLUG Independent Music […]

This week, I’ll be posting replies to a few of the many emails I receive from eager readers. Dear Stillman, I’m a successful graphic designer living in Brooklyn. I’m married to my college sweetheart and on the weekends I play […]