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  CR asks: Can you pick a time and date for me so I win at the lottery? Answer: Yes, and the answer is “nope.” A better question might be “can you tell me a time when I’m more likely […]


There will be a Full Moon this Valentine’s Day. In order to prepare you properly I am writing this angry, disappointed rant now so that you may practice your own dismay well in advance. Don’t get me wrong: I love […]


 (DISCLAIMER: I am just as suspicious as you are of anyone my age who has given more than two minutes worth of thought to Justin Bieber — but hear me out.) Normally I’m an optimist. I’ve seen enough bad times […]


(This is a part of both the “Astrology Of Love And Compatibility” series and the “Ask An Astrologer” series)   LT asks: “I’m a Gemini which would be a odd combination with a Scorpio seeing as we are both so different. […]

Dear Fellow Shape-shifters, Cowering Peasants, and Assorted Victims: It is my pleasure as always to address you annually upon the occasion of The Full Moon in Cancer. Today and tomorrow we celebrate The Great Festival Of Mood Swings, the annual […]

(DISCLAIMER: Although I intend to teach a lesson in this blog entry about the most efficient use of a Void of Course Moon, there is no guarantee you will find it useful. This blog entry was written and posted while […]

First of all: thanks to everyone out there who has helped make this blog a huge success, joining in as Oh My Stars has gone from “who the heck is this guy?” to Beliefnet Featured Column in just three months. […]

WV asks: “So when you see things to worry about in my future, can I change it?”   Answer: Yes… but you’ll have to make an effort.   Even if you aren’t a huge science fiction geek like I am, […]

When I first started writing this blog, one of my main intents was to show people how astrology could be a lot more useful than just a way to describe your personality — I wanted to show you how you […]

Regardless of the circumstances in your personal life right now, you have likely noticed a subtle but very real increase in tensions either within yourself, with others around you, or with your world in general. Astrologically speaking, this is due […]