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Okay, so Monday is here and traditionally no one likes it. But this week could be great… if you know how to play it. First off: the big aspect taking center stage right now is Venus sextile Uranus. Venus has a […]

Astrology should be of some practical use, shouldn’t it? Yes, learning about your personality is all fine and well and we all love that sort of thing. But that’s not really why I am an astrologer. Astrology also give you […]

(Wait! Before you go off on me about my approving or disapproving of the relationship I’m writing about — go here and read Part One.) *** We are fortunate to have a documented date time and place of birth for […]

Astrology that does not incorporate the human experience is essentially useless. As much as I try to treat it like a clear-cut and objective science, those of us who live out the perils and potential of our birth charts know […]

Last time, we discussed how Venus in Gemini can talk her way into or out of all sorts of situations and how you can use that to your advantage. Today we;re going to have a look at how you can […]

Jupiter went direct in Leo on Thursday, and this seems like as good a time as any to address the role that planet plays in astrology: specifically, sorting out the differences between the roles of Jupiter and Neptune. I get […]

So now that Venus is entering Gemini and leaving Taurus (which it rules) you might think this could affect your love life for the worse. That’s not necessarily so, for three reasons. First of all, you’ve got to keep in […]

Mars is now in the early degrees of Taurus, and will stay there until May. Mars in Taurus has several excellent uses: it’s earthy, sensuous, and tends to have a long fuse until it blows up. On the other hand, […]

Why is this article about Mars in Taurus appearing a few days late? Because Mars in Taurus does things on its schedule, not yours buddy. I’m in character, okay? *** Mars is the planet that provides the most “push” in […]

Full disclosure: by popular culture standards, I’m an old guy. Like old guys everywhere, I tend to look down my nose at whatever music is popular with teenagers these days. In all fairness though, I always have, even when I […]