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Dear EL:

Please bear with me, as discussing this subject properly necessitates not one but two lengthy digressions. Rather than push my word count to the breaking point, I’m presenting my next set of comments into two more digestible-sized chunks. So: here’s some more vegetables for you. Dessert arrives later on.


In Part Two of this series we established the base conditions in your birth chart that appear to be the source of your depression. And yes I’m going to call it depression, even though you (and many others facing what you are facing) know all about going to the doctor’s and being told “oh that’s not depression, that’s borderline personality disorder,” “that’s not borderline personality disorder, that’s Asperger’s Syndrome,” “that’s not Asperger’s syndrome, that’s anxiety,” and so on. Even though we’ve made a science of psychology in the last century or so, I can’t think of any other science that changes its mind about things as often as psychology does. So let’s just call the thing that is making you unhappy “depression” and be done with it, okay?

You’ve probably noticed that your depression has been harder to handle in the last two or three years, even though it’s something that (according to your birth chart) you were born with. The birth chart is the hand you are dealt, but the transits are the things that bring out those potentials along the way. Your Third House, for example, indicates that you’re probably a pretty good communicator… but it’s not like you popped out in the delivery room speaking in complete sentences. These things take time.

In the last two or three years there have been a couple of transits that would have aggravated things for you. Most notably, transiting Pluto is conjunct your Mars now, and since Pluto is such a slow planet this transit has been doing its thing to you for a long time. And I have to be honest with you: this transit is going to be affecting you one way or another for a good couple of years at least yet. On top of that, Saturn has been in Sagittarius — your First House. Regardless of any other circumstances, that’s not usually a fun time.

And now for the second digression in this blog entry. Again, I swear it’s necessary!

I could have finished this blog entry two paragraphs ago and technically I would have done my job as an astrologer. I told you where the hurt comes from and how long it’s going to last. But it would be both poor astrological practice and make me kind of a jerk to do so. I’m afraid that some astrologers do tend to approach life that way (look at any field of human endeavor and you’ll find a few jerks in there somewhere). It’s also the kind of thing you might accidentally end up doing to yourself if you are looking at your own transits. Turn on the evening news sometime and all those are good the top story, or one of the top stories, will be about some terrible crime. What the news generally doesn’t tell you is that overall in both North and South America and Europe at least, overall crime rates are down.

Yes, really. I know it doesn’t seem like it but it’s still true.

Although it’s easy to spot difficulties in the birth chart and easy to spot the transits that will make those difficulties harder to handle, the same techniques can be used to both moderate the damage and in fact lead to a solution. And that’s what my next blog entry on this subject will be all about. Thanks for sticking through it with me.

NEXT TIME: yes, there is a light at the end of this tunnel… and no, it’s not an oncoming train either.

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