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The last time I wrote about Jupiter in Scorpio, I took a joking approach with the title and the first paragraph. Sometimes one sees terrible and inaccurate over-generalizations made by some astrologers when it comes to the nature of a planet in a Sign. Any group of people in any line of work can sometimes fall into that sort of trap, but anyone who actually understands astrology wouldn’t (hopefully) say (and really mean) something as ludicrous as “Moon in Scorpio is always terrible” or “Sun in Libra is always peaceful and caring for others” or so on. Astrologers need to be particularly cautious about applying generalized statements to individual people. Statements like that reveal not only a general lack of astrological knowledge, even more importantly they illustrate a lack of knowledge of humans.

Nonetheless, here I go, dipping into the deep well of generalizations one could make about Jupiter as it passes through Scorpio.

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard the story of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and the flagrant abuse of his power within his field to commit a number of rapes and sexual assaults and generally cultivate an atmosphere of sexual harassment.

I originally set out to look at Harvey Weinstein’s birth chart. But before too long, it occurred to me that Harvey Weinstein is almost not the point of the whole Harvey Weinstein story. Well of course he is, but allow me to explain why I won’t. Using someone’s birth chart to reinforce your beliefs about them is the easiest thing to do in the world. You don’t even need to be an astrologer to do it. Let me show you how: this is the birth chart of Adolf Hitler…

beliefnet astrology matthew currie hitler

Without knowing anything about astrology, you could look at it and say something like “look how prominent that thing with the horns on it is at the three o’clock position of the chart. Clearly this man is a devil!” Likewise, if one was a big fan of Hitler, you could talk about how the fish hook shaped thing with the cross on top is at the top of the chart, therefore “he must be on a holy Crusade.” To which I can only say two things: first of all, that’s not how astrology works. Second, if you are a big Hitler fan, get lost and never come back to my blog again, thank you very much.

Some things are bigger than an interpreation, or “being right” about something, astrologically. The #MeToo movement is one of those things.


God knows I am not excusing Harvey Weinstein at all, and if you want to see the specifics of his chart, there are already bloggers out there who have done an excellent job of interpreting it. The point I want to address is that Jupiter’s passage through any given Sign represents something larger than simply what it does during any given news cycle. In this case, the matter of sexual harassment and Harvey Weinstein has spawned a movement on Facebook and Twitter identifying itself with #MeToo comes to mind.

If Jupiter represents law and morality and Scorpio represents sex, it’s pretty obvious to see how it could have spawned the Harvey Weinstein story. At the same time, let’s not assume that when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius next year that no one will care about it anymore, and the cause du jour will be animal rights or freedom of movement or something typically Sagittarian.

The truth (which is something Jupiter always loves) is that power often corrupts. And let’s be honest here: power usually rests in the hands of men. The #MeToo movement cannot and should not be readily dismissed as a side effect of Jupiter in Scorpio. If you are not a woman who has experienced this, you know women who have. If you are a man who has not done this, you know men who have.

This may have all been triggered by Jupiter in Scorpio, but it is larger than Jupiter in Anything. And it’s damned well time we all got real about it.

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