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beliefnet astrology ask an astrologerThose of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know that I have occasionally run a feature called “Ask An Astrologer.” This month I will be presenting A variation on that theme: series of questions all about the same person’s chart. One question from this reader has led to a number of other questions, and the end result will be presented in writing here. Not only should this be educational and informative, but it will help give many you view an idea about what astrology can really do, and can give you an idea of the usefulness of getting a reading.


EL writes:

“I have recently looked into the Whole Sign house system and I feel it makes more sense than any other house system I’ve looked into. However, I’m a little puzzled as using that system now puts Jupiter and Neptune (in Sagittarius) in my first house. Someone said to me that this doesn’t make sense because if I really had Jupiter in my first house I would be incredibly lucky (especially as it is domicile in Sagittarius) and would not have depression related problems (which I am unfortunately on sick leave for). Would you agree that Jupiter in the first house should always be lucky no matter what?”

First of all, as I have mentioned before in one form or another, the classic “cookbook” descriptions of any given planet in any given Sign is never a hundred percent true in all cases, and he’s always modified somewhat by both aspects of that planet and other placements in the chart. Not everyone with Venus in Virgo has a difficult love life, not everyone with Sun in Gemini talks too much, not everyone with Pluto in Scorpio is a serial killer, and so on.

In your case we need to look at the specifics of your Jupiter and see how the other placements affect it. First of all, you will notice that you have a close Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. If you look at a lot of a standard descriptions of this aspect, you’ll find that a lot of people will tell you that it makes you sensitive and caring and possibly quite spiritual. Undoubtedly at least some of that is true.

Here’s the funny/not funny thing about that though: have you ever noticed how very many terrible things happen in this world? I’ll bet you have, and I’ll bet you are more aware of that sort of thing than the average person. Trust me on this: being aware of the pain and suffering of others, or the pain and suffering that is involved in life in general, is not a recipe for being cheerful about things… the opposite of that, if anything. Further, matters are complicated by the Mercury quincunx to that Jupiter Neptune conjunction. A lot of what we call depression is connected to the thought processes, and that’s Mercury’s domain. And to be honest with you? Quincunxes rarely make anything better.

As for the whole matter about luck? Luck is an interesting concept. The difference between “lucky” and “unlucky” is a little like the difference between “art” and “pornography”: everyone knows it when they see it, but coming up with an objective definition for one or the other is a lot more difficult.

I have a personal theory about the concept of luck and astrology. Jupiter is considered to be the planet that rules luck, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius… a Sign which has a reputation for being lucky. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with that. I think the both Jupiter and Sagittarius have a true gift for glossing over potential pitfalls in any given situation.

Think about it this way: if you go for a walk to the corner store, it doesn’t take much imagination to come up with a list of 20 things that can go horribly wrong during that walk. However it’s rare that even one of those things actually happens. Does that make you particularly lucky? Probably not. In fact the same principle applies to much riskier situations. Neither Jupiter nor Sagittarius spends a lot of time worrying about those things, and thus every other Sign and planet in the Zodiac usually ends up shaking their head in wonderment that Sagittarius keeps getting away with things without blowing off a finger or getting run over or whatever. So: it seems to me that “luck” is largely a matter of perspective.

Now, bear with me. I’ll have good news for you at the end of all this — but we aren’t there yet.

NEXT TIME: So, where does the depression come from in this birth chart, anyway?

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