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Rightly or wrongly, the Signs have certain reputations. Aries is impatient, Gemini is talkative, and so on. Libra is the Sign most closely associated with relationships, so there is a certain optimism that as Jupiter moves into Libra next week there will be a run on marriage license applications in the next year. Obviously astrology isn’t that simple — it’s not as if everyone gained 30 pounds the last time Jupiter was in Taurus for example — but seeing as Jupiter is the planet most associated with committed relationships, the chronic love junkie inside many astrology fans may well be (consciously or otherwise) planning to star in their own rom-com with a happy ending in the next 12 months.

Let’s not jump the gun just yet, shall we? Regardless of the symbolism behind either Libra or Jupiter, the results you get from Jupiter in Libra will be dependent on the individual details of your birth chart. Furthermore, getting into a committed relationship or solidifying an existing one obviously requires the cooperation of someone else with their own birth chart and their own issues. Having said that, I can’t help but think that the next twelve months will make for much better conditions then the last twelve months have been when it comes to making relationships work. Sorry Virgo… you know it’s true. Virgo does “sensible” well, but how often have you (or me, or anyone) gotten into a “sensible” relationship with someone for “sensible” reasons… and if so, how did that work out for you?

In the spirit of Jupiter in Libra, I will be writing more about relationship astrology in the next year. Don’t worry regular readers: you’ll still be getting plenty of the goofy science fiction astrology and celebrity stuff and the other things you’ve gotten used to seeing here (like whatever the heck this is).

For those of you interested in making some real and permanent gains and your love life in the next year? We astrologers have been observing and setting up and helping to fix people’s love lives for centuries now, (and we’ve got a better track record at it than some Reality Shows I could name).  Click here to read my introduction to Jupiter in Libra, and also to see how I might be able to help you with your love life, wherever it may be at now. And no, I’m not proposing to you Dear Reader… even though you do look fantastic today.

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