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As the old saying goes, good news is no news. Astrology is far from negative or pessimistic in and of itself, but all too often that is the experience many people have with astrology. To a certain extent that’s understandable. The Evening News never starts with a long list of all the places that didn’t blow up today, does it?

Maybe it’s no surprise then that it seems Jupiter sometimes just doesn’t get the coverage in astrology circles that it deserves. Jupiter tends to rule a lot of the things we want out of life: commitments, a life in line with our philosophy and beliefs, a sense of order and justice, and “good times” in general. You’d think that the largest planet in our solar system would get more attention from astrology than often does, wouldn’t you? Nonetheless, it’s usually a difficult Saturn or Pluto Transit that sends people my way. I’d like to change that a little.

Jupiter enters Libra this September 9th. Overall this is considered to be a much better placement than Jupiter in Virgo has been, although Jupiter in Virgo was not without its charms. Unlike when many other planets change sign, a Jupiter Sign change can be a little hard to feel. Jupiter is incredibly powerful, but since it’s so often tends to bring either good news or an amplification of bad news you already knew about, it seems like Jupiter doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

But: take advantage of the opportunities Jupiter offers you, when they arise, and you’re working with pure astrological gold here, folks.

So: I’ve decided to do a couple of things about all this. First of all, here on this blog, I’ll be writing more about Jupiter in the next year as it passes through Libra. If it’s the “bad news” that gets the most attention, I have no problem with doing my small part to reverse that trend.

Also: for a limited time only I am offering specialized, half hour readings about how you personally can take maximum advantage of Jupiter in Libra, based on your birth chart. And just because Jupiter is such a generous planet, I’m going to be offering those consultations at less than half the regular price of my regular hour-long readings. Write me for details on how you too can take advantage of the next year!

In the meantime, this:

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