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Of all the planets changing their Sign in the Solar System, Jupiter seems to make astrologers the most happy and optimistic. Venus has that effect too, but Jupiter only changes Signs about once a year and is thus more of a special occasion. Thus, Jupiter isn’t just the bigger planet, it’s also bigger news.

Sure, there’s plenty to be said when Saturn changes Sign (what’s going to suck now?), but how do you write about a Jupiter Sign change? After all, Jupiter is usually the bearer of good news and good fortune. Believe me, as a writer, it’s a lot easier to find a thematic hook when, say, Mars changes Sign (note to self: find an excuse to use “Capricorns Gone Wild!” as a title sometime).

Nonetheless, we could all stand some good news, and to be honest Jupiter in Virgo seems to have left us all a little short on that. I’m sure that you and your personal life could stand to catch a lucky break somehow in the next year, and Jupiter has a unique gift for making that happen.

I have written twelve general forecasts based on the twelve Rising Signs in order to help you get a feel for what you can expect from Jupiter in Libra. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, using your Sun Sign works… Just not quite as well.

Feeling lucky? Click on your Rising Sign below and find out what Jupiter in Libra has in store for you between now and September 2017.





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