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Your introduction to Jupiter in Libra is HERE, and more info on how all this applies to you personally (and those around you) is HERE.

Please note that this is covering the transit of Jupiter in Libra to your birth chart, based on your Rising Sign. There is some applicability if you go by Sun Sign, but this will work a lot better for you if you go by the Ascendant/Rising Sign. If you don’t know what yours is, you’ll need a time of birth… and either a site that will calculate your chart or an astrologer.

Jupiter in Libra is in your Third House. It’s time for a little mind expansion! Learn new things, take some courses, and get out and see your community a little more. You may be acquiring a new computer, TV, or other means of communication or entertainment.

Where you’ll be getting your biggest buzz: You’ll be expressing yourself in bold and creative new ways, and it will be easier to find the right words at the right time to convey to others what it is you really want and need from them.

When you’ll need a Designated Driver: Jupiter in your Third House can be good for the mind — but it’s always possible to overthink this, or to rely too much on your ability to talk your way out of a situation that you got yourself into by overthinking things in the first place.

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