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beliefnet astrology matthew currie bruce jennerThere are lots of things astrology can tell you about a person, but there are still some things that it can’t. For example, you can’t tell if a birth chart belongs to a man or woman. You can pick out things about a person’s sex drive, but not their sexual orientation.

…Which brings us to Bruce Jenner.

Bruce Jenner (born October 28, 1949, 6:16 AM, Mount Kisco New York) was at one time known as the Olympic hero who won the Decathlon for the United States. Most athletes, after a triumph like that, will eventually fade into a comfortable obscurity. Instead, Bruce faded into becoming a Kardashian, and his public fame got a major second act with the rise of reality television. But for those of you who have kept an eye on Bruce Jenner, there’s been another transformation going on over the last decade or so in front of our eyes.

His hair has gotten longer and his facial features have become distinctly more feminized. Lots of celebrities, both male and female, get plastic surgery. But it is extremely rare for a male celebrity to get a trachea job – reducing the visible size of the so-called Adam’s apple. Usually the only men who get that particular surgery are those who are transitioning from male to female. And now People Magazine is reporting something that people have suspected for a while… Bruce Jenner is in fact becoming a woman. He has split up with his wife and moved out on his own and he’s getting his own reality series. And if rumor is to be believed, it is going to be called “Trans Jenner.”

No, really. I didn’t just make that up.

I should point out that there are other possible explanations for Bruce’s appearance and behavior than simply that he is transitioning — after all, he hasn’t officially confirmed it yet. I myself have long hair, yet I am what is currently called a “cisgender heterosexual male.” There is also that strange phenomenon that happens when some people get rich and/or famous enough that they can start having all the plastic surgery they want. A number of celebrities over the years (whom I have written about HERE and HERE and HERE) have started out with the urge for a simple chemical peel or chin lift and have turned their faces into blank slates… or worse. It’s entirely possible that Bruce Jenner simply got too much work done, and that having his Adam’s apple reduced was simply one of those “one step too far” moments that happens when people get heavily into rebuilding their faces.

Having said that: astrologically there are some distinct indicators that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a bigger metamorphosis other than simply one more surgical tweak to his eyelids.

For several years now Uranus has been passing through Bruce’s Sixth House. This is the sort of thing they can often bring unusual health complaints, or unexpected changes in health. In this case it seems to have brought some unusual transformations to his body itself. His Mercury, Neptune, and South Node in the middle degrees of Libra have all been subjected to significant change by both transiting Uranus and Pluto over the last several years.

And despite the fact this has been going on for years and Bruce Jenner has never come out and said anything about getting a sex change, transiting Jupiter is now passing over his Pluto, and will be doing so for the next few months. Pluto is the ruler of Bruce’s ascendant – how one appears to the world, and Jupiter is currently in his Tenth House: his career.

So perhaps now and in the next few months will be the right time for Bruce Jenner to finally come clean to the public as to what has been going on with him for the last decade or so. For all the personal reasons behind gender reassignment, promoting your own reality show probably doesn’t hurt when it comes to discussing it publicly.

Whatever happens, Bruce, I wish you luck… but really, Bruce, if you’re out there listening… try to take it easy on the facelifts, will you? Whatever your gender, you’re getting kind of hard to recognize, okay…?

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