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kim kardashian astrologyAs I have written here before, the long and grinding Uranus-Pluto square is having a distinct effect on the world and on the unique pressures being brought to bear on its people. When it comes to larger societal effects, I’ve shown how it manifests in such diverse forms as “Grumpy Cat” and Breaking Bad. But even though these slow Outer Planet transits have larger cultural effects, they also have very specific effects on the individuals living in these times. When it comes to the power of Uranus and Pluto transits, there are perhaps few examples as well known (and as blatant) as Kim Kardashian.

Her Ascendant (in Sagittarius) is closely conjunct her Mars-Neptune midpoint indicating an alluring quality to her looks. The ruler of that Ascendant, Jupiter, is closely conjunct her Midheaven, so one way or another she seems to have been born to make a living by people looking at her. Sure, she’s worked hard (I assume) as a clothing and perfume designer (what a Libra with Moon in Pisces cliché!) but for the most part, she is our greatest current example of someone who is largely famous for being famous. I once referred to her as “America’s hood ornament,” and sure enough, there she is in Kanye West’s latest video playing the role of… a hood ornament.

Fame appears to be like a lot of drugs, in that having some means wanting more. It follows that if one is famous for one’s looks, one might want to maintain those looks at any price. Kim has admitted to some cosmetic procedures and denied others, but a combination of her own admissions plus actually looking at pictures of her over the years, it’s pretty obvious she’s been sculpted, trimmed, implanted, deforested, sucked and shaped a fair bit in the  decade. That sort of thing is hardly shocking given the impressive wealth she comes from. But all along, much bigger fame than what she was born into was waiting, and as Uranus moved into range of opposing her Jupiter and Midheaven (and into a conjunction with her Eight House ruler, the Moon — the Eight House ruling sex) the unintentional release of her sex tape made her A Very Big Deal. The opposition was kind to Kim’s fame, as she became more and more famous for doing what appears to be less and less.

But now that Uranus is pulling out of range of that opposition, the square from Pluto is coming more and more into play. Oppositions can be stimulating and constructive, but squares are generally a lot harsher and less forgiving — and Pluto can be a very unforgiving planet. By 2020 Pluto will be square the position it was at when she was born, and this is usually a very difficult time in anyone’s life. It’s like a “mid-life crisis” but with deeper implications and consequences.  Uranus will be passing over her Part Of Fortune in the 5th House by that point, and one can only imagine where her love life will be, and how her daughter, born into the spotlight, will handle things.

One thing I think I can confidently predict is more plastic surgery for Kim. Time moves forward for all of us, and Egos rarely learn quickly, and by 2020 Neptune will be squaring her Ascendant and will be moving into range to oppose her Venus. Her Sun… again, The Ego… is right on her Jupiter-Uranus midpoint, yet that Sun receives no major aspects from any planet in her chart. It’s as if, despite everything, her self-worth has nothing either supporting it or holding it back. Whatever you may think of her now, enjoy her beauty while it lasts… I’m afraid that by 2020, when she hits 40, Kim may have well ruined her face with cosmetic surgery.

So, Kim, if you’re out there reading this: stop now. Part of an astrologer’s job is to provide guidance for the future. “Aging gracefully” is always tricky, but it can be done. Try not to destroy a National Monument with constant re-finishing, okay?

Also, Kim? The President was right… your boyfriend is a jackass.

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