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Previously, I covered the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius this year, and particularly its square to Neptune in Pisces. That may not be the single biggest piece of astrological news for 2015, but it’s going to be significant. But: biggest astro-nuisance of 2015? That title still probably belongs to… say it with me… Uranus square Pluto.

Uranus square Pluto (which has been that sound of grinding gears you’ve in the background of your life for the last couple of years)? I’ve got  good news and bad news: The good news is that the aspect reaches its final exact peak this March. The bad news is that these two will still be within orb of the square to each other for another year or so yet. But at least figure radically the worst of it will be behind us, and we can start treating Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn like they are separate entities again.

The are also two sets of eclipses in 2015 to consider. March 20 is the total solar eclipse at 29 1/2° Pisces. April 4 sees a total lunar eclipse at 14 1/2° Aries/Libra. There is a partial solar eclipse on September 13 20° Virgo, and a total nerd clips on September 27 at 4 1/2° Aries. If any of those eclipses fall close to important placements and your birth chart, expect the unexpected. Yeah, I know, it’s my job to predict the future and yet still sometimes I’m stuck saying “expect the unexpected.” This is why eclipses drive astrologers so crazy. For more information on the effects of eclipses, click here.

In August, Jupiter will be entering Virgo. You will be reading a lot of things about how Virgo is a supposedly “debilitated” placement for Jupiter. That may technically be true, but the truth is: Jupiter in Virgo could very well be a good thing for you personally, depending on other factors in your birth chart.

So: how do we integrate this all into a meaningful picture? It’s rare that just one transit ever sets off a major event in a person’s life. When we look at the specific timing of major life events, there is more to it than that. It’s usually a matter of one or two “big ticket” transits plus something that triggers the situation. Often that trigger is Mars… so drop by next time for your 2015 Mars Guide!

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