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Hello folks. Yes I’ve been away a while. Don’t worry: I’ll make it all up to you in the next week as I go over the astrology of 2015 in all its glorious detail. We will be covering the ongoing effects of the Uranus Pluto square, the Eclipses, and oh yes… Saturn in Sagittarius too.

So: grab a copy of your birth chart and get ready to play along. What, you don’t have a copy of your birth chart? Maybe you should write an astrologer about that…

Also, on a more personal note: I myself am a Sagittarius. The last time Saturn passed through Sagittarius was in the 1980s, and just between me and you? I gave pretty much the entire experience a huge “thumbs down.” But as I often tell my clients: we tend to respond better to difficult transits from Saturn as we get older. Whether you want to attributed that to wisdom that comes with age, or simply an accumulation of scar tissue making things numb, I will leave to you.

In the meantime, I keep hearing this song in my head a lot:

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Now get that birth chart ready and brace yourself. Here comes 2015!

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