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Let’s start off our look at the the year ahead with a planet that has been moving slowly and hovering in the background of everything: Neptune in Pisces, and the square it forms to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Neptune is in the Sign that it rules, and is thus particularly powerful. Want proof? Remember way back when that most powerful purveyor of dreams, television, was on its way out? The medium was doomed of course… but no one told that to Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead or Orange Is The New Black or Sons Of Anarchy or a dozen other brilliant programs all brought to us by a plethora of sources other than the big mainstream networks. The little screen has become a larger part of our lives. Here we thought “the information age” was going to shut down television as a medium, but instead it mutated. It shifted and changed and adapted new forms.

Neptune: its means may mutate but it never vanishes.

Ever since Neptune entered Pisces, and thanks to the Internet, it’s been easier for any human being on Earth with sufficiently entertaining talents or quirks to draw more attention than they ever could have in any previous era of human history. Everyone’s a YouTube celebrity: why aren’t you?

This all has to do with Neptune’s gift for illusion. I don’t think Neptune deliberately wants to deceive us at all. It’s just that no one planet could ever clearly define another planet, but let’s be honest: Neptune is weird, man. Like, dude? Most of us have dived deeply into some weird alternate universe that Neptune speaks to us from. If you’ve never tried drugs or gotten drunk then you undoubtedly have religion or politics or poetry or comic book collecting or romance or something you’ve surrendered your identity to. I’ll bet you have, haven’t you?

Then again, maybe some of you haven’t, and that’s cool. Someone has to clean up after the party. And honestly? I salute the courage of any soul brave enough to base their entire existence on just the purely material, observable world.

(Disclaimer: the author speaks as someone who regularly looks out his apartment door at a week old pile of uncollected recyclables.)


Sagittarius, like Pisces, has a reputation for being interested in the “higher mind.” Its opposite Sign, Gemini, may be the master of collecting facts and figures, but Sagittarius wants to take a step back and look at the Big Picture.

For much of 2015 Saturn in Sagittarius will be square Neptune in Pisces. It doesn’t become exact until late November, but it will certainly be close enough to make its effects felt from now until April, and again in October through the end of the year.

Saturn brings obstacles, and it’s easy to see how Saturn in Sagittarius could mean “obstacles towards finding The Truth.” This aspect doesn’t necessarily mean that all the facts will be blurred, but the conclusions we draw from the facts we know (or think we know) could very well be impaired. If you’ve been paying attention and been on the Internet the last two years, you’ve already seen this happen. If you believe that something or other is the result of a conspiracy, you can spend all day long reading websites and watching YouTube videos by other people who believe exactly the same thing, and go around referencing each other in a perfect circle of mutual misinformation.

If you get it into your head that, for example, Queen Elizabeth is a reptilian invader from outer space who secretly runs the world’s drug trade, you can spend all day and all night listening to people who agree with that proposition. Further: if someone has a perfectly well-reasoned argument (with links to sources) that perhaps Queen Elizabeth is not a reptilian invader from outer space running the world drug trade, it’s easy to dismiss that opinion as someone who is a part of the conspiracy, or is merely being “sheeple.”

Sheeple (n): A term used to avoid thinking about other people’s worldviews so you can focus on believing your own worldview without having to think about it. 

See how that works?

Now combine that all-too human urge to believe what we want to believe, and combine it with the tensions of the Uranus Pluto square that have made human society so tense for the last couple of years.

Hello, recipe for insanity!

Here is the question the Saturn-Neptune Square will be asking of you:

YouTube Preview Image

This may in fact be Big Message of Saturn in Sagittarius. If Sagittarius is associated with a particular kind of wisdom, and Saturn is limitations, then just imagine the cliffs we could march ourselves off of in the next three years, especially with Neptune lending a hand.

If you have any major placements in the early degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) you will be feeling this on a personal level somehow. Even if you don’t, you’ll be seeing it in the world around you.

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