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It sounds a little like this.

Mars conjunct Pluto reaches the exact degree on Monday. It remains in effect for the next couple of weeks, and also interacts via square with Uranus. Think back to the issues you were facing during the Cardinal Grand Cross, and you might find a return visit some of those conditions.

Here is how to NOT handle the edgy and uncomfortable energy this aspect will bring:

Don’t sell out your friends and ideals and endanger your family to make yourself famous.

Don’t take out your worst impulses on others.

Wondering how best to handle these times? Try this:

-Please a large bucket of water in the bathtub.

-Fill the bucket with cold water.

-Take several deep breaths, then plug your nose.

-Plunge you’re head into the bucket.

-Scream as loud as you can.

-Repeat as required.

See? Even the most difficult of astrological transits can be handled with relative ease if you know how to work with the energies involved. And now if you will all excuse me, I’m going to be in the bathroom for the next several days.

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