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“I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.”
-The Navy SEAL code

One thing we astrologers often neglect to mention to the people we do readings for who are having bad transits: don’t let your bad transits take other people down with you. Case in point: Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who has recently made a splash by coming out and saying that he is the guy who killed Osama bin Laden.

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Baby Seal: Less dangerous than a Navy SEAL, but also less likely to violate National Security

We don’t have an exact birth date for him, but from the few autobiographical details he has released about himself we know he was born on April 10th, 1976. Even with that limited information, we can see what kinds of transits he is having. Both his Sun in Aries and his Pluto in Libra are being closely affected by the Uranus-Pluto square, which is once more approaching the exact degree in December… when it will be very closely aspecting those points in O’Neill’s chart. We can’t be sure without a time and place of birth, but odds are reasonable that Saturn is now square his Moon in Leo… so maybe a little free publicity is serving as a balm for his feelings.

The Sun in the birth chart is the Ego. Sometimes difficult transits to that placement can bruise or injure the ego, and sometimes those transits can drive your Ego to do really dumb things. And when natal Pluto is getting difficult aspects as well, there’s a good chance those transits will have life-altering results for you or for those connected to you. Someone with the Sun-Pluto square in their chart (full disclosure: I have this too) can be bold and innovative… or a deliberate rule-breaker who isn’t mindful of the consequences of their actions.

What is O’Neill’s motivation for now going public with this? He says “The families [of 9/11 victims] told me it helped bring them some closure.” Which is nice, I suppose, except you’d think that killing bin Laden would do that for them at least as much as the shooter confirming his role in the matter would. I suspect a different motive. Since O’Neill is now working as a “motivational speaker” … you know, one of those guys who yells at groups for a living so that they will sell more widgets… it’s bound to be good for business. And hey, what’s the harm in that? Surely someone who took down a terrorist mastermind like Osama bin Laden should be able to make a few bucks off of it right? What’s the harm in landing a book or a movie deal, when Hollywood has already made a lot of cash off of the exploits of SEAL Team Six?

There are perfectly good reasons why O’Neill should have kept his mouth shut about this, if he’s telling the truth (and there is some doubt about that): If he’s telling the truth, he is certainly breaking tradition (if not the actual law) by reviewing his identity. He’s also making it an order of magnitude easier for any motivated parties to locate his fellow team members. This, and of course all the usual concerns about national security and publicly discussing classified operations and such.

Oh, and by the way: he’s recently separated from his wife and three kids. They get to spend the rest of their life of targets painted on their backs. Even if he’s lying about the role he played in the death of Osama bin Laden, they get to live with that.

So yeah: don’t let your bed transits take others down with you, okay?

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