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Caidin has been asking me to get a Butterfly Garden for two years now and I finally did.

It arrived several weeks ago and our caterpillars arrived Wednesday, September 19th.

They came in a little container, full of food. There were six caterpillars in total.

At first they were really still, but the information that came with them mentioned that might be the case. Within a day they were moving around the container, digging up the food, and weaving silk trails inside the container. The same information said to expect them to take 7-10 days to move to the chrysalis stage.

Each day Caidin and I would check in with them. They all looked fine and it was amazing to see how quickly they grew as they seemed to get bigger right in front of our eyes.

On Friday we forgot to check them before we left for school. Caidin asked if I would check them when I got home. As the day went on, they continued to slip my mind. When I picked Caidin up from school he said ‘did you check the caterpillars?’ ‘Oops, no, I forgot, we’ll check when we get home,’ I said.

Caidin ran in the door and let out a yelp! All six caterpillars had made their way to the top of the container and were in the process of creating their chrysalis. Two were already encased and hanging. And the four others were getting into place.

As we stood their looking, one began to wriggle around. Caidin said ‘what’s it doing?’ I suggested maybe it was getting into place. But as we watched, it was something much more amazing. As the caterpillar wriggled around it was spinning its chrysalis. Within several minutes, it was completely covered.

It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen happen. I am still in awe of the internal guidance, the knowledge and the mechanism that inspires a caterpillar to go through this process.

Caidin and I stood there in silence taking in what we had witnessed and then both of us began to share what we had witnessed. ‘Wasn’t that cool?’ ‘How do you think they know to do that?’ ‘What’s the chrysalis made out of?’ and on and on our questions and observations went.

We were just lucky to have actually witnessed this stage in their evolution. I don’t think we could have planned it to happen as it did.

All of this got me thinking about our own lives and the changes we go through. Who witnesses them? Who celebrates them? Our own changes happen just a quickly and just as randomly, but they are happening every day, right in front of us. Caidin wakes up and I swear he’s taller. He learns something new about himself or he learns some knew skill each and every day. It’s ongoing and never ending. Even for adults, there is always change going on within and around us.

The Caterpillars reminded us that change can happen quickly, that it can happen right in front of our eyes and that life is full of amazing, awe inspiring moments that we should celebrate.

Keep your eyes and ears open for not only magical moments around you, but those precious magical moments that your children have and remember to celebrate those moments!

© 2012 Christine Agro

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