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Flower Essences are so helpful for children who are emotionally and energetically sensitive.  Flower Essences are a form of vibrational healing. They work by on an energetic level to remove, replace or transmute energies that are out of balance in any aspect of our being (emotional, mental, physical, ego.)

Children tend to still have a natural connection to their body’s ability to self heal and vibrational medicine, in any form, can be tremendously helpful.

I use flower essences for emotional, mental and energetic issues.

Many children today are so open that the emotional energies of the world – war, hate, fear and the physical energies of the world – Electromagnetic Fields associated with power lines  microwaves, cellular phones as well as noise and light pollution, genetically modified foods, pesticides and I could go on and on; all of these factors can have a negative impact on children who are energetically sensitive.

Sensitivities may show up as:

  • sleep disturbances
  • overly sensitive or emotional
  • weight issues
  • appetite issues
  • learning problems
  • problems concentrating
These are just a few dynamics that might surface.
To support an energetically sensitive child Flower Essence Society has a wonderful flower support: Yarrow Environmental Solution that is a mixture of Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow, Arnica, and Echinacea flower essences, along with herbal tinctures of Yarrow and Echinacea, in a sea salt base.
In addition to supporting with Flower Essences, be conscious of the foods your child eats focusing on organic and healthy foods high in nutrients that are cleansing and revitalizing. Also be aware of what your child watches, reads, plays and listens too – all of these factor into the vibrational health and wellness of your child. Lastly the words you use with your child will also affect how your child experiences the world. Be loving, compassionate and understand that their sensitivity is, to a degree, out of their control. As a conscious parent, your opportunity is to offer tools and support to help them manage their sensitivities.
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