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We talked about waking with restless enthusiasm and how what you do for a living plays a major role in that. Are you happy because you live out of your passion… or are you merely going to work? Let me […]

Thanksgiving is here! Bring on the turkey and the stuffing. I’ll be honest. I was reluctant to embrace the gratitude that this holiday fosters. After a particularly rough November, I simply did not want to be thankful. Like a Thanksgiving […]

When things are tough, it’s hard to be grateful. The dark cloud of pessimism looms over you and puts a shadow over everything you see. I know it can be hard to focus on anything else besides what’s going wrong. […]

This week’s theme is happiness. If you haven’t read the blogs, here’s a recap: It kicked off with a video from Pastor Joel Osteen on Habitual Happiness. Then, a discussion on What Makes You Happy. Followed by the results of […]

I love this video, because it so illustrated the point that, when everything looks half-empty, you can realize just how full your life really is. This post makes me feel…Inspired (34) Motivated (10) Happy (11) Better (4) Challenged (8)