We talked about waking with restless enthusiasm and how what you do for a living plays a major role in that. Are you happy because you live out of your passion… or are you merely going to work?

Let me add that I don’t always believe that a better life is just beyond the rainbow. Perpetually thinking like that can get you stuck in a pattern of “If I have that, then I’ll be happy,” and that’s no way to live.

Sometimes, you are where you are, and for whatever reason you’re stuck there. It’s like middle management or a struggling, but consistent freelance business. You’re not where you’d like to be, but thank God, you’re further along than you used to be. What do you do then?

I’m always a proponent of not missing today for what might be coming tomorrow. You’re reaching out for something better when you have so many blessings that have gone uncounted right in your hands.

I’ve mentioned this little word a lot in this blog, but it is useful in just about every situation. It’s all about…


Be thankful. Spend time at work being grateful for the little things. In fact, write them down. If you can laugh and joke with your co-workers like you do with your friends, jot it down. Maybe you genuinely like your boss; that’s a plus! Note the kinds of freedoms you have now that you didn’t have in your previous job. Find something – anything – about your work life that makes you smile and dwell on that. Before you know it, you may discover that the distance between “dream” and “job” isn’t as far as you thought it was.

You’re on your way to someplace special, but take time to smell the roses where you are. It will make the journey all the more sweet and you’ll find happiness at work – whatever that work may be.

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