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WWJB? That’s “What Would Jesus Brew?” possibly coming soon to a bracelet or T-shirt near you! According to CNN, a Southern California entrepreneur is using the Jesus angle to sell beer. I’m a pretty casual guy about such things, and […]

Tony Hillerman, the crime novelist whose books helped reignite interest in the Southwest and Native American culture, died Sunday at the age of 83, and even for many of his fans, his obituaries–of which there will be many–will present some […]

Joel McHale over at “The Soup” has been skewering the alleged romantic relationship between tween queen Miley Cyrus and 20-year-old model Jason Gaston for weeks now. Pictures have surfaced of the two together almost everywhere in Los Angeles from fashion […]

The upcoming movie “The Spirit” (set to be released on Christmas day) is based on the popular comic book series and follows a cop who returns from the dead to fight crime. The film stars Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, […]

The Oscar winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, who most recently appeared in the big screen version of Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Secret Life of Bees,” experienced horrific tragedy this weekend, as her mother and brother were found murdered and […]

Not since “the Rachel” has a hairstyle been in such demand. Jewish bloggers have been writing about this for weeks. And politics always seems to spawn merchandising. Now the NY Post reports that in the past several weeks, a wig-shop […]

So the word from the Pew Research Center is that “religious voters appear to be gradually gravitating toward Barack Obama as their pick for president.” While Obama is edging out McCain among the mainline Protestant demographic, apparently, “McCain still holds […]

The Wildcat gang is back for one last hurrah and they’re not going quietly. “High School Musical: Senior Year” is effervescent, glamorous, kinetic, bubbly, and unapologetically nostalgic. This third film is focused on everyone’s plans for college as senior year […]

October has been a banner month for Britney Spears fans. Her new single, “Womanizer,” set an arcane record of the kind that baseball stat geeks love to cite–the song was the first to go from no. 96 to no. 1 […]

We all need to cry sometimes. And even if life’s going pretty well for you–you have your health, a wonderful significant other, friends and family who love you, a good job, a few bucks in the bank — once in […]