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Check out this new movie video by musician/record producer Dave Stewert of a song he co-wrote with Bono called “American Prayer.” According to the website My American Prayer “the video brings together a diverse cast of personalities to reflect the […]

Several days ago, while watching coverage of the election, I began reminiscing about the days of Tabitha Soren. Remember when MTV’s coverage of Presidential elections was seen as innovative and important? When Soren asked probing questions of the candidates and […]

I’m not a Bill Maher fan, nor am I really one of his detractors. His demeanor has never appealed to me, but it has also not appalled me. He pushes envelopes, and I support that within my appreciation for free […]

Remember when the Second Coming was imagined as an awesome but beautiful moment? What’s been lost in the rise of the Rapture Right in the past two decades is the yearning for the hope that ordinary Christians–the meek, say–have traditionally […]

If John McCain is photographed holding up a “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline on Election Night in two weeks, pundits and media talking heads across the country will no doubt point to the invisible “Obama Factor” as the reason for why […]

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “Appaloosa” before it’s gone from theaters. Then circle back to this blog, as the discussion of faith issues in the movie I’m about to talk about will include a few spoilers. I […]

Well, apparently, keeping everyone from having a simultaneous spiritual, emotional, and physical breakdown, that’s what. At least according to the New York Times. In a recent article, “Staying Healthy in a Sick Economy,” reporter Mandy Katz had this to say […]

By Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D. The Ethics Guy Bill Maher’s “Religulous” is a perfect example of how not to make a good documentary. A self-confessed agnostic, Maher sets out on a worldwide trek to understand how people can place their faith […]

Did anyone catch Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? What did you think of the Sarah Palin rap on Weekend Update? I have to say, watching her raise the roof was pretty funny.

As any Brit knows, in cases of English celebrity/superrich divorce, settlements tend to favor the less wealthy party. (Just ask Sir Paul McCartney.) Especially if there’s no prenup. Which is one of the reasons that the terms of the in-negotiations […]