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story“I’ve never been a morning person. I wake up tired and a bit grumpy. I never feel fully rested. I immediately begin to feel stressed about all of the things that need to be done during the day ahead. I drag myself out of bed and start the day feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted and overly exhausted.”

This has been one of the stories that I’ve lived for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, my sister used to comment that it’s best not to even try talking to me until I had been awake for at least an hour – I would just be too grumpy otherwise.

Through the years I just sort of believed this story and accepted it as a part of who I was. I told myself that I’m just not great in the morning. Give me a little while to wake up, and I’ll be back to my happy and grateful self.

What’s really funny about this story is that I live a really great life. I get to spend my days doing what I love. I get to spend my days with my loved ones: my amazing husband, our sweet cats, and all of the beautiful souls in my various online communities. My soul is full. My heart is full. My brain is stimulated. I’m living my purpose and embracing my passion each and every day.

So why am I still telling (and living) this grumpy outdated story? 

Because I’m used to it. Because it’s just always been that way. Because I haven’t ever consciously changed it.

Until now.

I know that there is another way. And starting tomorrow, I’m going to shift this story and start telling a new one: 

“I love waking up each day. I feel well rested and grateful for my life. I am so happy to hear the birds singing right outside my bedroom window. I love that I get to see my sweetie when I open my eyes and tell him that I love him. It makes me happy to say good morning to my cats. I feel grateful for the day ahead – knowing that I will get to share my soul with so many and feel the beautiful energy that comes from the loving hearts that I interact with. I know that the day ahead will bring many wonderful surprises, and I look forward to receiving them.”

This story feels much more in line with who I have become. This story feels more like me. And it’s definitely the story that I am going to tell (and live) from now on.

So how will I shift the old story to the new one? 

With conscious presence. By continuing to remind myself of this desire to create the reality that I want to be a part of. And with practice – one morning at a time.

Are there any old stories that you’re still telling that no longer seem to fit? Would you be willing to create a new story and start living it instead? 

I sure hope so! We really do get to create our own reality, and shifting our stories is a wonderful way to start doing exactly that!



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Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and a soulful community builder. She lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives. She would love to connect with you!

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