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God's Comic

Say it or go hungry!

Last night was Halloween. For those of you unfamiliar with
the holiday it’s a beautiful time of year where small children are encouraged
to pretend to be someone else and come to the homes of strangers and ask for

Ironically the other 364 days of the year we spend telling
children NOT to take candy from strangers, especially ones that have a corpse
or bloody appendages on their front porch.

Hey it’s never too early to prepare kids for the phenomenon
of mixed messages and confusion to all things adult as we usher them into their
puberty. It was a bitter sweet night for the wife and I as for the first time
in 14 years we had neither our son or 10 yr old daughter to walk the blocks
with as they collected enough goodies to keep dentists in business for years to


(On a side note they say the Celts invented Halloween and
after a little research I found out the “Celt” is an ancient Gallic word
meaning ” cavity creators”.)

Our kids were with friends this time and so we sat on the
porch and waited for the kids to come up and seek to reap their reward. As much
as the missus and I don’t have in a lot in common generally in this one thing
we were united; No one got even one
tootsie roll without uttering the magic phrase, “Trick or Treat”.

Many kids would come up to us not saying a word and simply
open their bags as though we were obligated to give them their desires. It’s
like the holiday version of teaching kids that entitlements are part of being


It’s bad enough that the holiday implied that if you don’t
give us candy there will be hell to pay, but now these narcissists believe even
following through with the ritual of saying 3 words is too much to ask.

As they stood there we would ask “what do you have to say”
and normally the response was …”uhhh, please? thank you?…even a couple
“happy Halloween!”

It took them a few moments to get it and normally I would
start it with a ” tri..tri…trick…?” like I was trying to coax something legible
from someone who had suffered a brain trauma and was only now realizing they
weren’t Scandinavian.


Eventually they would say “Trick or treat” and we would feel
like we had actually contributed something beautiful to society by keeping not
only tradition alive, but also common courtesy. My next assignment is to try to
get their parents to use their turn signals. A much more difficult task and one
where perhaps a rotting corpse or a dancing skeleton may actually come in


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posted November 4, 2010 at 4:57 am

I am actually disappointed at this post, why would a self claimed christian be celebrating halloween in the first place, there is an evil spirit associated with this event, thats why you hear of people using this forum to harm children either through kidnapping, poisoned candy or even rape. The only one thing you rightly pointed out is that we encourage our children not to take candy from strangers but dress them up on hallowen and tell themm is okay, we are suppose to shed God’s light on this children through the word of God, so telling them that it’s okay to go trick a treat is tantamount to telling them witchess, fairies, vanmpires etc are normal things in a society and accepted. Are we becoming like the world out there that says anything is permissible as long as we have an explanation for it even if it is not based on the word of God. most of this celebrations or events are paganism at their worst and we ought to avoid them. Why do we declare a day to celebrate satan’s awareness (not minding the fact that the whole month of october people deck up their houses with scary things in the first place) when we could use it to glorify God instead. Didnt the bible teach us that everything we do should glorify God and point others towards Christ, how does halloween do this?

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posted November 8, 2010 at 9:59 am

I’m disappointed in your comment, Ebony. Why would a self claimed Christian be condemning and slandering a brother in the Lord? Where is the evil in dressing your children in a costume and going door to door to engage your neighbors and getting candy? God looks at the heart and it’s telling for those that find evil in every corner.
I hope you are willing to be judged as harshly as you are judging others. By your comment I assume you don’t celebrate Christmas and that instead of Easter traditions you observe the Passover. You also must not read Tolkien or Lewis either.
There are many ways that October 31 can glorify God and point them to Christ. Locking yourself away does not glorify God or point others to Christ. Go out and engage your community while they are out and about. If you don’t want to participate in Halloween, that’s just fine, but to condemn your brothers and sisters in Christ as non-Chrisian because they take their kids trick or treating is plain wrong. You might not be able to understand this concept, but how about talking with other Christians that have a different take on Halloween and maybe learning from them? This converstation has been had ad nauseam on the internet. I can point you to some if you like. You never know, you might learn something.

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Your Name

posted November 10, 2010 at 5:13 pm

As to the first comment, I just want to know why you would let Satan have the day. I say just let kids have fun, and go trick or treating. I have been doing it since I was a little kid and I will let my kids do it. It’s just a holiday, not a satanic ritual. If you think it’s a day for kids to be harmed by the things you mentioned, you should take better care of your children if you have them. If you did want to celebrate, you could go with your kids, or make sure they have a responsible adult with them. As far as candy, that’s why you check it before they eat it, and take time to share with them what to accept and not accept from strangers.

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