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There are three primary Monarchs (or Kings) who ruled over God’s people in the next portion of Israel’s history. The first king was Saul.  In the last chapter we learned that Saul was a humble, gracious servant. He brought God’s […]

Israel (Jacob) loved his family dearly, but he showed favoritism toward his son Joseph, much to the frustration of the other eleven. He gave Joseph a beautiful multicolored coat. Joseph’s brothers ambushed him in the fields one day, sold him to Egyptian […]

I am capable of anything because I am just as capable of being as foolish, as unloving, unkind, and unaware as any horror story I’ve ever heard, it drives me to seek wisdom from God and others. So, the Bible’s […]

There was a powerful man from the Bible and ancient history named Cyrus. He was a leader. A ruler. A mover and a shaker. He ruled the Empire of Persia around 600 BC . And even he had this longing […]