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Consumer debt is like a cancer.  Consumer debt is like termites. They are working their pain beyond the notice of the outside world. While they eat away at the infrastructure of our bodies and homes, we often go about life unaware. I […]

Why are experts the last to see what God spells out so clearly? A household or nation that spends twice as much as it brings in leads to ruin. Improper Planning Leads to Poverty Proverbs 21:5 – The plans of […]

I’ve written much on the debt ceiling debate, but on the “eve” of our destruction, let me take one more look. I’ve worked with addicts for years in inner-city ministry in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. I worked at a methadone […]

Uncle Sam has finally hit the wall. After years of intoxicated binges on borrowing and inflating, the US government has hit the new debt ceiling. There are many theories and predictions as to the consequences of not raising the amount […]

There is talk all over the news about the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the amount the US government is allowed to borrow. If we reach the “ceiling” or limit, we have to stop borrowing so much money and […]

Fox News had an article suggesting that Jesus would have strong words to say about the debt debate. Since the article was shot, I’ll quote it before I respond. Congressman Charles Rangel , D-NY, doesn’t know exactly what Jesus would […]