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The New Year will begin with the focus directly on the constitutional challenges to ObamaCare. As I write this, we’re putting the finishing touches on our amicus brief to be filed within days at the Supreme Court – the first of three briefs we will file challenging ObamaCare.

This first brief, to be filed on January 6th, will urge the high court to conclude that the health care law and the individual mandate, which forces Americans to purchase health insurance, are inextricably linked and that the health care law cannot move forward without the individual mandate, which we contend is constitutional. We’ll be representing more than 100 members of Congress and more than 100,000 Americans in this brief, which urges the high court to invalidate the entire health care law, arguing that the unconstitutional individual mandate is not severable from the law.

This first round of filings comes as a majority of Americans continue to reject ObamaCare. At the same time, a new survey reveals that most of the nation’s doctors don’t think the health care law is the right way to go. The survey found that two-thirds of doctors expect the quality of care in this country to decline under ObamaCare.

We’re preparing two additional briefs to file with the high court in February addressing other key constitutional issues with the flawed health care law. As you may recall, the Supreme Court has scheduled an unprecedented three days of oral arguments to address all of the issues in late March. A decision on ObamaCare is likely to come at the end of the high court’s term next summer – just months before the November election.

ObamaCare is an issue that will certainly dominate the legal and political landscape in 2012. And thanks to your support, we’re able to be on the front lines of this critical constitutional challenge. ObamaCare represents the largest expansion of taxpayer funded abortion since Roe v. Wade. And there’s not a better time than right now to stand with the ACLJ and support our legal work defending life.

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Jay Sekulow


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