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Tracy Morgan is a very talented comedian and actor who addresses topics head-on with a joke. His recent diatribe about gays and what he would do to his own son if he found out he was homosexual was WAY over […]

John McEnroe was an outstanding tennis player and he is a good television analyst for the sport. The same type of tantrums he had that hurt his legacy as a player are also affecting his work in the booth, however. […]

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods was great for several years on the golf course. The Michael Jordan of his sport, though perhaps Mike Tyson may be a better comparison eventually for a career that flamed out too fast. […]

When I first started blogging some months back I only wrote about commercials. Although I since expanded it to all things television, I still like to blog about commercials occasionally. To be creative, smart, informative and even entertaining in 30 […]

There is enough dislike for Sarah Palin on either side of the political spectrum that she will probably never be president. The attacks on the former Alaska governor and FOX News contributor are truly beyond the pale, however. They should […]

Jim Carrey is one of the few people in the world that can make you laugh without doing much of anything. That was true Thursday on The Today Show when Carrey promoted his new film Mr. Poppers Penguins. He mugged […]

Need a laugh or a little lift this summer? Then be sure to catch “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon on the NBC mid-week series. Cannon, husband of pop superstar Mariah Carey, adds comic relief and much-needed segues, usually with […]

Every summer it seems like the same lament: “There’s nothing to watch on TV!” Well…I beg to differ. Without the programs that are on I wouldn’t have: …nixed the name “Bentley” for my first born. If you watch “The Bachelor” […]

The thing to take away from the Dallas Mavericks topping the Miami Heat for the NBA Sunday night? The best team and the best man, Mavs owner Mark Cuban, won. Cuban has undergone a remarkable transformation of late and reaped […]

It would be easy to be jealous of Kenny Albert if he weren’t so darn good and deserve the success he enjoys. Albert, the son of legendary sports broadcaster Marv Albert, has that unmistakeable “Albert” voice like his dad and […]