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Perhaps it was the economy. Perhaps the backers, like the well  known Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone, didn’t back it enough. Or maybe three restaurant openings across the country at the same time were too much. Whatever the reason, America’s …Read More

Cute. sweet and funny. Judging by the trailer and reviews for Larry Crowne, that appears to be the best way to describe the new movie release. Despite solid performances by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, however, is that enough to …Read More

Word that CBS and/or Two and a Half Men writer Chuck Lorre plan to “kill off” Charlie Sheen’s character on the show has me thinking of other characters/personalities TV would be better off without. On its own network, CBS should …Read More

Chris Wallace appeared to ask Republican candidate for president Michelle Bachmann an unfair question Sunday on his FOX News program. “Are you a flake?” Wallace asked the Iowa-born, Minnesota politically bred Bachmann. Despite being off slightly on some answers to …Read More

Anything that can break through John McEnroe and show the heart of the man through all the complicated layers deserves credit. HBO Documentaries does just that with Fire and Ice, a film about McEnroe’s rivalry with Bjorn Borg during a …Read More

Is it possible the United Kingdom is even more jaded than the United States? After reading a review in the UK Metro of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which just wrapped up its season Friday on ABC, I would say yes. …Read More

First off, I would like to take a sentence or two to thank everyone reading this blog for its major growth the last few days. Readership has turned from the teens into the hundreds per day, and I am humbled …Read More

After all he has been through, and put himself and his family through, David Letterman should be as kind and gracious as possible … as often as possible. But you can’t teach old CBS Late Show hosts new tricks I …Read More

In one of the oddest recent happenings in sports, Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned Monday. People quitting or getting fired happens all the time, but this case was particularly strange in that the Nationals had won 11 of 12 …Read More

Can they do the (Miss) World a favor? And the Miss Teen and Miss USA pageants a favor while they are at it? Once and for all stop with the ‘Gotcha’ questions, you know, the ones with gray area intended …Read More