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Chris Wallace appeared to ask Republican candidate for president Michelle Bachmann an unfair question Sunday on his FOX News program.

“Are you a flake?” Wallace asked the Iowa-born, Minnesota politically bred Bachmann.

Despite being off slightly on some answers to questions on the political trail, Bachmann was clearly not ready for Wallace’s jab, especially from someone tilted to the right.

Bachmann indicated she was insulted with the question, and even later received an apology from Wallace. The latter tid-bit came when she talked to Matt Lauer on the Today show Tuesday.

Bachmann ought to thank Wallace, instead of being offended.

Here’s why: If her campaign builds momentum she will have to face much tougher questions from her primary challengers and then the president in the general election.

It’s not fair in some respects, but Bachmann and Sarah Palin, if she chooses to enter the race, will have to develop MUCH thicker skin than their male cohorts.

There is something about being a smart, attractive, mostly well-spoken female that really bugs some people.

Then add Republican on to that and…

Hold on for a bumpy ride Michelle Bachmann, because in the words of Randy Bachman of BTO … “you ain’t see nnnnuthin’ yet…”

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