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Anything that can break through John McEnroe and show the heart of the man through all the complicated layers deserves credit.

HBO Documentaries does just that with Fire and Ice, a film about McEnroe’s rivalry with Bjorn Borg during a golden age of tennis in the 1970’s.

Bjorn Borg

Borg, Ice, because of his steely disposition, was nearly unbeatable until the fiery McEnroe came along.

The Brat, as McEnroe was often referred. even needed a few years to overcome the super Swede.

The pair’s rivalry was up there for a short time with the Lakers-Celtics, Red Sox-Yanks and Ali-Frazier … they were that good.

I was never a fan of McEnroe’s antics, which included abusive behavior of officials but oh what a player the New York-bred kid was.

It was heartwarming to recall that Borg reached out to McEnroe with some kind words at the beginning of the rivalry, which included an epic five set win by the former at Wimbledon.

McEnroe did the same for Borg after their playing days were over and an unlikely off court bond formed.

Two great tennis players, one terrific documentary.

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