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We are such creatures of habit!  We tend to think the food we always eat is the only edible stuff out there.  Actually, we don’t have to make do with empty calories or starve.  On Thursdays we will be looking […]

It’s recipe day — and here is one with such different ingredients that I was a bit doubtful about it.  However, it turned out surprisingly tasty.  Ingredients 2 medium/large sweet potatoes 1 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil 1 bag fresh baby […]

Study after study has shown it — eating breakfast will kick your metabolism off and keep it running the rest of the day. There are several reasons breakfast works.  For one thing, it wakes up your leptin hormone and sets […]

It’s recipe day — and I have a really tasty, nutty, low glycemic side dish for you today.  This may be one of my new favorites! Nutty Carrot/Apple Salad Ingredients 2-3 medium carrots, chopped 1 apple, chopped and coated with […]

What’s for dinner?  Sometimes it’s a challenge to find recipes that are both good tasting and good for you.  Here is one way of adding zing to slow cooker chicken.  Chicken Taco Filling Ingredients  1 package dry taco seasoning mix […]

The desert lies bare and brown for years — and then when it rains, it suddenly blooms with color.  How do these plants stay alive and dormant during those dry years?  By means of the sugar we are looking at […]

Okay, if I’m going to do a regular recipe post, the new rule is that I have to try the recipe the day BEFORE I plan to post it.  Everything I tried to do this morning was a flop — […]

How can hunger help us in our journey to a healthier weight?  It can tell you when you need to eat — and what you need to eat. Well, duh.  You would assume that to be obvious.  But is it? […]

Can fats help you lose weight?  Yes, they can.  Fats do two important things that aid in your journey to a healthier weight.  The most important thing they do is slow down digestion.  Fats take longer to digest and turn […]

You see lots of advertisements about products that help you lose weight.  What really works and what is just plain hype?  We’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular weight loss aids and see which ones can […]