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So, what does a low glycemic meal look like?  What are you supposed to eat?  Here are some suggestions.  What’s for breakfast? *You can have eggs  — scrambled, poached, or in an omelet. Limit fried eggs as they add calories. […]

How do you survive the holidays without packing on holiday pounds — which most of us keep from now on?  We talked about being aware of the temptations and planning ahead.  Also, adding steps to our days can help counteract […]

Yes, it’s true — but that doesn’t mean you can pig out and eat a dessert to “take care of it.”  (See, I know how experienced dieters think.  I am one!)  However, the right combination of foods can lower the […]

I know, I know.  Nobody wants to talk about calories.  We’ve come to think of them like ants — annoying little things that won’t stay out of our lives. We would like to put out a “calorie hotel” and rid […]

Sometimes you just need something munchy.  Here is a recipe that is good for you, easy to fix, and inexpensive.  How can you beat that? Our post yesterday featured the often-overlooked, low glycemic wonder food — garbanzo beans, or chickpeas.  […]

  Problems with high cholesterol?  Help might come from an unlikely source. It’s another surprise good-for-you and budget-friendly low glycemic food: garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas. Many people around the world eat garbanzo beans as a staple part of […]

But I’m HUNGRY!!!!! You’ve already had your lunch, and you really aren’t just stalling — wanting to nibble before you get back to work.  You are just not satisfied.  What can you do? Almonds — the next item on our […]

We’ve talked a lot about things you don’t need to eat — expensive “diet” foods that don’t really help your waistline or your health.  You can also save money for the “good stuff” by bypassing the expensive, pre-processed convenience foods […]

On a chilly fall morning, a nice hot casserole will be filling and satisfying for the whole family.  Here’s one that is easy and delicious as well as low glycemic. Breakfast Casserole 1 cup  milk 6  eggs 3/4 cup shredded […]

Eating good food that promotes weight loss doesn’t have to break the budget.  You don’t have to have the pricey, pre-packaged “diet food.”  Concentrate instead on buying the highest quality “real” food you can afford.  Here are some tips to […]