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It’s so frustrating when you do all the right things, and the scale refuses to budge!  But don’t get discouraged. Maybe it’s simply a matter of needing to do more of the same.  If you have been doing the step […]

A friend saw that her fitness center membership was about to expire, so she rushed in to renew — even though she hadn’t been inside the place for months. “I bet you have a name for people like me who […]

Exercise, cutting out sugar, eating a low glycemic diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy oils.  So far all the tips for a youthful brain are the same as for a youthful body!  Well, your brain is […]

What’s the best thing to do to keep your brain young?  Move it!  I’m not talking about mental exercise (at least, not in THIS post) but about physically moving.  Many sites I visited mentioned clinical studies that show that critters […]

I glanced down the cookie aisle at the grocery store — and felt a sense of loss.  Remember the days when I could pick out cookies — any kind of cookies — and treat myself?  I love reading and snacking […]

We spend a lot of time figuring out how to do our work more efficiently.  That’s fine — unless we are doing it so we have more time to spend on the couch in front of the TV.  Did you […]

Laundry — bleuh!  I know it’s crazy to complain when I can remember my grandma scrubbing her clothes on a washboard in a metal tub out in the yard.  All I have to do is sort them, change from washer […]

Arms flabby but  no time to go to the gym?  Time to get out the window cleaner and start polishing the glass.  Think about your posture — shoulders back and down and stomach in.  Remember to pretend you are clenching […]

Okay, I know you hate to do stomach crunches.  Here is something more effective that you can do, almost without noticing it, One of the best ways to strengthen your abs is by just holding them in.  You can do […]

You are going to work today. Really.  You walk over to your treadmill and unload it.  You hang up all the  clothes and move the pile of papers to another place.  By now you have used up most of your […]