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This one is no surprise.  If you want your body to burn calories faster, you have to get up and move. I wish I could just pick the expert with the advice I like the most and give it to […]

We want to see results right now!  That’s the way we live in today’s world.  Information is at our fingertips, meals are available in minutes at the drive-thru and we can microwave anything to be ready in a jiff.  Long […]

“I can never keep my resolutions to lose weight,”  my young hairdresser told me. “I can’t stay on diet, so I’m not trying any more.” She’s off to a bad start — giving up on being a healthy weight before […]

What do you do when you want to get in shape, but you have to stick to a budget?  While there are good options that work well and quickly, there are also ways to manage without spending much money — […]

Are all those extra steps really doing anything for you?  Yes, according to the research published in January in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). In an Australian study, researchers tested 592 middle-aged adults.  They gave the subjects a pedometer and […]

Some folks can turn anything into a party. We’re looking at the four personality types in this series, because WHO you are makes a big difference in HOW you can be successful in losing weight and getting fit.  Today we’re […]

What are you like?  Knowing who you are is a big help in finding a plan to help you succeed in your weight loss/healthy living goals. We are going to look at the four basic personality types. See if you […]

We talked about Blitzers in yesterday’s post — those folks who are happiest when they are doing over-the-top diet and exercise plans.  The rest of you probably think they are nuts.  You are not Blitzers, but  Baby-steppers. Baby-Steppers do not […]

Why is it so hard for you to stick to a plan when your friends seem to be having all kinds of success without much drama at all?  Chances are it isn’t in your genes, but in your personality. Personality?  […]

We’ve talked about adding steps to your day by doing easy things like being the one who gets up and does the fetching instead of asking others to do it for you.  Then we added a daily walk and talked […]