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From last year this time: You sure do learn a lot about a person’s personality and temperament when you assemble a gingerbread house. And even more when you make 14 of them. I’m thinking about patenting this activity as a […]

There’s a lesson in “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”: He turned a sore, red nose into a real asset. I wonder if Santa has any use for a saggy chest (courtesy of breastfeeding) and a flabby butt?

And the winner of this year’s holiday letter content goes to . . . my friend Jen. You’ll enjoy it. Well, I can’t find last years’ letter so I’m not sure if I’m still annoyed by the same crap as […]

Remember H.A.L.T.: Don’t get too horny, annoying, loopy, or tacky. And for every criticism you hear, put out a Q-TIP (Quit Taking It Personally).

Like Beyond Blue reader Larry Parker, I appreciate reader Terri’s prayer on the message board of my “Video: O Holy Night” post. It’s simply beautiful: I have so many things to be thankful for that I can hardly even count […]

Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Nancy for sharing “One Day After Christmas” on the message board of my “Holiday Survival Thoughts #26″ post: One Day After Christmas… It’s one day after Christmas I’m crabby and I’m broke. I’m so full […]

I didn’t go into teaching because I suck at disciplining. (Which is why parenting is a tad difficult for me as well). But as a blogger, I get the perks of the teaching profession. I get to see other writers […]

To see Larry Parker start his own blog has been a highlight of 2007, as well. Actually, after reading his “12 Days of Christmas,” I’m a bit scared of the competition: Twelve months of celibacy Eleven lithium tablets Ten DBSA […]

Please don’t get mad at me for this video. I did not create it. I just think it’s funny because they are obviously laughing at themselves in the same way I tried to in my version of “The 12 Days […]