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Beyond Blue reader Cheryl has started a discussion called “Encouragement Quotes” in Group Beyond Blue in the Beliefnet Community site. To get to Group Beyond Blue, click here. Then click on “Discussions” to the left.
Among her quotes are these:

When I was depressed and I looked out my window, the landscape looked absolutely flat and colorless. As I began to feel better about myself and to experience my own beauty and worth this movement was mirrored in the way I saw the outside world. Now when I look out my window, I see depth and dimension and color that I never knew existed. Getting out from under depression literally changed my perspective on life. -A Survivor
The trauma of depression is devastating. Friends tell you to look up and see the sun and the trees. The depressed person is like Dante’s Prince of Darkness, encased in ice, in hell. When the reaction to the blows of life is depression, it is difficult to melt the ice and go with life. But if can be done, and once you are in the light again, life takes on a beauty you couldn’t have imagined before. -Antoinette Bosc
Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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