Beyond Blue

My, my, my, what have we started! Here’s Margaret’s list:
2. Be nice to her mother, brother!
3. Bring her breakfast in bed, Fred.
4. Respect her job, Rob
5. don’t leer at her friends, Len
6. go with her to church, Lurch
7. Rinse the sink when you shave, Dave
8. Allow her to drive, Clive

9. Take her on a trip, Skip (Especially a cruise, Bruise)
10 Have respect for her brain, Cain
11. Let her hhave her own money, Sonny.
12. Make her a meal, Neal
13. Give her a card, Gerrard
14. Take her on a walk, Hawk
15. Learn how to dance, Vance
16. Don’t skip the foreplay, Portnoy
17. Take her out on a date, Nate
18. Don’t hog the remote, you old goat
19. Take her along to bowl, Joel (IF she WANTS to go, Moe)
20. Let her pick the flick, Nick
21. Stay away from her journal, Colonel
22. Put gas in her tank, Hank
23. Bring flowers for no reason, heathen
24. Hit the bowl, not the floor, boor
25. Remember to flush, Rush
26. Comfort her if she’s crying, Ryan
27. YOU vacuum the rug, Doug!

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