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Our Beyond Blue group on Beliefnet’s Community site is really taking off. We’re up to 67 members, with several active discussions in progress. I’m so excited that it is proving to be exactly what I had hoped: an extension of […]

I was moved by Beyond Blue reader Zana’s comment on the message board of my “Video: O Holy Night” post: This has been a tough December to get through. Marks the 1st anniversary of the day my husband left us […]

Dear God, I’ve always felt bad for Joseph, that his amazing faith in You and dedication to the Holy Family have been somewhat overlooked in the whole nativity story. I’m trying to picture myself in his shoes as I reflect […]

In my previous post, “Beliefnet’s Interview with Joan Wester Anderson,” I mentioned that I would be interviewing Joan Wester Anderson the Friday before Christmas to get my Beyond Blue readers in the mood for the nativity story. Joan is one […]

From her bestselling book, “Where Angels Walk.” It was just past midnight on December 24, 1983. The Midwest was shivering through a record-breaking cold spell, complete with gale-force winds and frozen water pipes. And although our suburban Chicago household was […]

Everything in moderation. ESPECIALLY moderation.

I was saddened by this message from Beyond Blue reader Bambi on the message board of “Blanche’s 12 Bipolar, Alcoholic Days of Christmas”: I am extreamly sad. I have a family I live with. I’m 51, my mother is 69, […]