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I very much appreciate what Beyond Blue reader Jeff said in response to Larry Parker’s post about his panic attack: I’ll thank Larry again (and Therese) for putting himself out here. My panic attacks are similar. Hyperventilating and feeling an …Read More

Dear Friends, Group Beyond Blue will be holding a “self-esteem forum” the first Wednesday of every month, where we will be assigned one person for whom to write a self-esteem affirmation. My hope is that we will have some letters …Read More

Because panic and anxiety are so much a part of recovery from depression or any mental illness, I added “panic and anxiety” as a topic to the discussion boards of Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s Community site. To visit, click …Read More

Beyond Blue reader Larry Parker has written a brave, raw account of a recent panic attack. He has used his gift of language to describe for others exactly how it feels to be trapped by a brain’s disease. To get …Read More

Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Susie for this prayer for 2008! May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick …Read More

Beyond Blue reader Cheryl has started a discussion called “Encouragement Quotes” in Group Beyond Blue in the Beliefnet Community site. To get to Group Beyond Blue, click here. Then click on “Discussions” to the left. Among her quotes are these: …Read More

My, my, my, what have we started! Here’s Margaret’s list: 1. TREAT HER LIKE AN EQUAL, CECIL! 2. Be nice to her mother, brother! 3. Bring her breakfast in bed, Fred. 4. Respect her job, Rob 5. don’t leer at …Read More