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I very much appreciate what Beyond Blue reader Jeff said in response to Larry Parker’s post about his panic attack:

I’ll thank Larry again (and Therese) for putting himself out here. My panic attacks are similar. Hyperventilating and feeling an intense amount of energy in my limbs, (good thing you didn’t kick your stepfather ;-). My head spins and my ADD goes into high gear; I can’t focus on anything and want to curl up in a ball and wait for my life to be over. The best thing I’ve gotten out of 2007 is the ability to retain the knowledge that “this too shall pass”.
Last Spring I went through another heart wrenching break up and learned to give in to crying. It stops. Not when I’d like it to, but it does.
Usually we can’t do much for people who can’t understand that we are beginning to understand our own diseases. And as one who has passed on but lived steeped in his own diseases, William Burroughs once said, “If you encounter a person in whose presence you feel like you’ve lost a quart of blood, avoid that person at all costs.” Even if it’s just going for a walk.
Love, Jeff

Actually, all of the comments show what a supportive community we have here in Beyond Blue. Thank you, all, for your compassion and insights.

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