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People may have the very best intentions, but we get hurt regardless. At least I do. Since children’s books are the only pieces of literature I read anymore (besides Beyond Blue, for grammatical errors), I got this little bit of […]

The third spiritual agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements,” is this: don’t make assumptions. Ruiz writes: All the sadness and drama you have lived in your life was rooted in making assumptions and taking things personally. Take […]

Last visit, Dr. Smith gave me strict orders to chill out more. So that’s what I’m doing today–trying to, at least. I will be back tomorrow!

A depressive becomes a kind of detective in trying to solve the relapse dilemma. “What the hell triggered this?” I’ve been asking myself for about eight days. I studied my sleep-mood-menstruation-medication journal and realized one thing had changed: I went […]

I found this article, “Day of Rest, Posture of Rest” by Diane Bloomfield an interesting read. Excerpted from her book “Torah Yoga,” she believes that both Shabbat and yoga teach us the art of relaxing and restoring ourselves. To read […]

Speaking of rest and relaxation, depressives need to watch very carefully for symptoms of anemia because it can seriously undermine your quality of life. Here’s a Johns Hopkins alert on some important facts about anemia: Don’t Underestimate Anemia Hemoglobin (Hb) […]

Warning: Male readers may want to skip my first two posts, and go down to the post about sleep hygiene, as I’m about to talk maxi-pads and stuff like that, and I know that some men absolutely hate all discussion […]

Here’s an interesting article on WebMD by Miranda Hitti about the relationship between depression and menstrual cycles. Jan. 28, 2005 — Most women with depression get worsening symptoms prior to their periods, researchers say. In a new study, 64% of […]

I mentioned my sleep and mood journal. That’s always my first step in trying to solve the depression/anxiety relapse dilemma, because nothing (well, maybe food) affects my mood more than my sleep. Which is why it’s so importance to practice […]

“Acknowledge miracles in your life. Angels are God’s miracle workers,” writes Jayne Howard Feldman, and Suzanne Siegel Zenkel says “Where there is goodness, there is an angel.” I’ve met an angel at every important crossroad in my life. One came […]